Carried out using the Access Bridge, we are again leading the way in tailoring client specific solutions for the  Integrity Testing of Spray Dryers.  Our Access Bridge was purposely built for the job, and has many unique  features, which ensures all Spray Dryers can be catered for in a quick and above all SAFE manner.
Fast to install and Safe to use the Access Bridge has eliminated the need for Scaffold, our Access Bridge can be  installed and removed on the same day, in order to affect emergency repairs, during the production cycle.
Our dedicated Spray Dryer Team, have used the Access Bridge extensively though out the UK and Ireland over the  past 10 Years and it is now an Industry Standard, enabling Spray Dryer up to 10 meters to be inspected in 2-3  days.

Repairs and minor alterations can also be undertaken, by our experienced team, talk to us about requirements and  we will find our service unbeatable!

Key Benefits:

Eliminates Scaffold

Reduces Inspection Times

Flexible modular design

Extensive Knowledge of Spray Dryer design and Construction.