On site Integrity Testing of Plate Heat Exchangers, carried out using the TESTEX EDA system.

This method remains the only ‘Fully Approved’ system designed specifically detect through defects within Plate  Heat Exchangers.

Approved for use by both Alfa Laval and APV/SPX, the TESTEX system continues to lead the field in terms of  accuracy and repeatability, simulating the actual running conditions of the Plate Heat Exchanger while under  test.

Quick, Accurate and Repeatable, the TESTEX System continues to be the system of choice, by processors and  manufactures, in their quest to exercise ‘due diligence’ and implementation of a successful HACCP programme.

This technology is also equally effective for the onsite testing of Tubular and Shell and Tube type  installations.

Key Benefits:

Approved by the leading Manufacturers of Heat Exchangers, Alfa Laval, APV/SPX.

Dynamic, simulation of real time running conditions.

Reduces plant inspection down time

Fully traceable results.