Carried out using the latest Eddy Current technology, McElwaine Technical Services are continuing to pioneer new  systems and methods for testing our customers process plant and equipment, by continuing to look ‘Out Side the  Box’, we aim to provide our customers the best available solutions for their needs.

Our advanced Eddy Current Systems are widely used within the Aviation and Nuclear Industries, and again is a  Proven System.  Designed and tailored for the task in hand, while also removing the requirement to use Chemical  Dyes, for the detection of defects with in Tanks and Vessels.  By doing so we are able to utilise advanced  techniques, in order to detect surface and Sub Surface breaking indications.  Along with the added bonus of  removing the environmental contamination risk of using chemical dyes.
Key Benefits:

Highly portable hand held technology

Detects sub surface defects

Reduces CIP requirements

No Chemical Dyes Used

‘‘Leaders in test innovation & Condition Monitoring to the liquid food processing industry’’